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animatedKSquirrel and this web page were brought you by Baryshev Dmitry aka Krasu.

Contact me: my email box.

What is it ?

KSquirrel is a fast and convenient image viewer for KDE featuring OpenGL and dynamic format support.

Send all remarks, bug reports and wishes on my email box (see above).



At this time KSquirrel (ksquirrel-libs) supports 57 image formats:

The following libraries are slow:

ksquirrel-libs dependencies ("configure" will enable/disable these codecs automatically):

For translators:

Here you can download the latest version of .pot file. It has about 500 strings to be translated. To convert it to your language .po file just open it in KBabel and save as "GNU Gettext message catalogue" (for example, save as ru.po for Russian language, or de.po for German). Then simply translate it, save and send to me. It will take about 2 hours to completely translate KSquirrel to your native language. Don't forget to